Quality Management


As a dedicated network of professional services firms, we have a responsibility towards our clients to which we explicitly declare our commitment.

Client Focus

Rapid changes in the global business environment, deregulated markets, technical progress, cost pressure and complex business processes are just some of the challenges our clients are facing. At WTS we recognize these challenges and endeavor to provide professional services of the highest quality and standards. Ensuring quality of service for our clients is one of our key success factors. We serve our clients’ needs with the same high levels of quality wherever they are, avoiding bureaucratic structures, to ensure flexibility and client focus.

Strategic Framework

Recognizing and appreciating the above challenges, we have designed our entire strategy to revolve around quality. This is achieved by concentrating on three main pillars:

  • our clients,
  • our firms’ internal controls and
  • our professional teams.

Our common principles on business conduct and clearly defined minimum requirements on process and procedures in our daily work, set the framework for quality within the WTS network, which we expect all network firms to uphold. Firms joining the WTS network have proven to comply with these principles and quality requirements. Our tailored review process and effective set of tools enables us to follow up on quality of consulting service delivered within our network firms on an ongoing basis. We are in constant dialogue with our clients and use their feedback to continuously reassess our processes and procedures, in order to improve our quality standards.

Global Team

Our dedicated Global, Regional and Local Quality and Risk Management teams are trained and highly skilled professionals with clear and ambitious objectives, set by the WTS management. They are constantly applying, assessing and refining our Quality and Risk Management System. In doing so, we ensure that our service quality is continuously adapted to our clients' needs and to an ever changing environment. 

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