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Africa, one of the fastest growing regions globally is gradually becoming a preferred investment destination with international business participation on the rise. Our Africa network creates a convenient atmosphere where your business can have seamless and consistent service. The importance of partnering with the best advisors when venturing into a new territory, particularly one as unique as Africa, cannot be emphasized enough. As diversified as each country is, we provide legal entities with the necessary service within the jurisdiction they operate. We take pride in delivering practical and individualized solutions in the business segments; tax, legal and business Services such as Corporate & Fund Structuring, consulting and supporting clients who are considering an expansion into Africa or who are already operating in Africa.


Our locations in the region are:

Eastern Africa

Western Africa

Indian Ocean Islands

Burundi Benin Madagascar 
Kenya Burkina Faso Mauritius 
Rwanda Cote d’Ivoire
Tanzania Cameroun  

Southern Africa

Northern Africa

Angola Morocco   
South Africa  Egypt   



Should you have questions we are happy to assist:

Edward Mwachinga

Viva Africa Consulting
+254 020 2465567

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