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Private Clients & Family Office Services

At WTS, our private clients experts support individuals, family businesses, family offices and non-profit organisations in dealing with all specialist questions. These include succession issues, complex civil law issues, the implementation of voluntary engagement, asset controlling (WTS-QPLIX), return to tax compliance and the tax optimisation of domestic and foreign investments.

Our goal is to provide long-term tax assistance for your assets through the generations and help you to maintain their value.

In doing so, we always keep your particular personal and family situation in mind. This enables us to develop solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs.

Our WTS tax experts are also available as sparring partners when it comes to setting up an investment process and accompanying it in the long term. Although we do not provide investment advice or portfolio management, we work very closely with the banks and asset managers of our clients.

At WTS, our experts will gladly assist you with the following issues relating to private clients & family office services:


  • Preparation of ongoing tax returns for individuals & companies
  • Tax structuring advice
  • Cross-border legal and tax issues
  • Asset protection solutions, i.e. legal protection of assets from unwanted access (e.g. by creditors, banks, etc.)
  • Consultation & preparation of subsequent declarations / voluntary disclosure in domestic and foreign cases
  • Specialist tax questions


  • Drafting of wills
  • Marriage, inheritance and & waiver of statutory shares contracts
  • Pension plan consulting
  • Legal & tax structuring and monitoring of asset and corporate succession, national & international
  • Harmonisation of succession regulations & company contracts
  • Tax support for successors
  • Expert opinions on inheritance and gift tax issues
  • Assistance in conflict resolution


  • Establishment, closure and statute preparation for non-profit organisations (e.g. charitable societies, foundations)
  • Expert opinions on non-profit legal issues
  • Tax returns, statements of fund appropriation and segment accounting
  • Project consulting, e.g. for foreign funding (including review and drafting of agreements)
  • Moderation of discussions with regulatory and tax authorities
  • Support during audits
  • Personnel training

WTS - QPLIX asset controlling provides comprehensive data and information to owners, family offices, asset managers and risk managers for controlling and implementing an investment strategy, for risk management and for the overall monitoring of assets.

WTS-QPLIX offers:

  • Timely postings by experienced WTS professionals, data available in real time
  • Efficient modern interfaces
  • Display of all asset classes (stocks, pensions, real estate, corporate investments, private equity, art, etc.)
  • Online accessibility and usage with high level of data security
  • Available and usable to WTS and clients at the same time, clear access permissions render it suitable for co-sourcing models
  • Mark-to-market reporting and uniform database in line with German tax law and IFRS
  • Integrated document management
  • Consolidation of persons and companies / legal entities

At WTS, we have extensive expertise in automating tax processes using tax tools, especially in the fields of financial services and asset management. Our experience in business partnering makes us predestined to support family offices in their asset controlling.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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Digitized asset controlling for private assets, foundations & family offices
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