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Real Estate

In the last years, real estate has gained further importance as fixed asset and investment category

Our interdisciplinary teams provide comprehensive advice on all fiscal, regulatory, legal and economic challenges that are associated with real estate. They have extensive personal experience in working with companies owning real estate assets, in property management and in the funds segment.

Our clients include companies with large real estate assets, family offices, non-profit organisations, investment funds, insurance companies, private clients and other institutional investors.

Our specialists advise on how to implement regulatory and fiscally optimised fund structures. In doing so, we adapt structures and reporting to new regulatory and fiscal developments. We also prepare the declarations defined under section 5 of the Investment Tax Act and handle the VAT on asset management services to investment management companies.

At WTS, we advise on fiscally optimised sales and acquisitions structures. Amongst other things, this includes tax due diligence services in order to find the best deal structure. We also assist our clients with real estate transfer tax issues and the unitary value (“Einheitswert”) assessments. Amongst other things, we provide VAT advice on option clauses and with regard to transfers of a going concern.

Our real estate professionals have extensive expertise on the impact of real estate taxation (VAT, real estate transfer tax, property tax, etc.) on the EBIT and the (effective) tax rate (corporate tax/solidarity tax contribution and trade tax). We also focus on optimising accounting processes. Furthermore, we create integrated tax concepts for all stages of a real estate investment (purchase, inventory, sale, reorganisation).

Our team of experts advises on all issues relating to fiscal real estate evaluations for property transfer tax, real estate tax or inheritance tax purposes, as well as fiscal real estate management.

Main Contact
Dr. Christian Behlert
Lawyer, Certified Tax Consultant
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Main Contact
Dr. Andreas Bock
Lawyer, Certified Tax Consultant
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Main Contact
Bernhard Brock
Certified Tax Consultant
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