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Corporate Tax
Global Expatriate Services
Indirect Tax
Corporate Tax

National and international companies are facing an increasingly complicated corporate tax environment with tax legislation and compliance requirements getting more and more complex.

Based on our history, global reach, and many years’ experience with numerous business-partnering models, we know companies from the inside and understand the specific needs of tax departments.

At WTS Global, we can support tax directors and managers and other financial professionals in assessing the tax impact of business decisions

Due to our combined expertise from in-house tax departments, consulting firms and tax administration, we are well positioned to tackle even the most complex corporate taxation questions in an innovative and reliable way.

Our professionals cover the entire tax value chain and are happy to help you with improving your tax accounting processes, manage tax risks also in view of the framework of co-operative tax compliance programs.

We cover all areas of corporate taxation from day-to-day tax accounting, to complex cross-border structuring, to the implementation of state-of-the-art internal control systems.

Our services in Corporate Tax include:

  • Tax Accounting & Reporting
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Risk Management and Co-operative compliance
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Incentives
  • International Tax

We offer expert advice in all corporate tax matters, from income taxes to local business taxes and cross-border tax advice. With our highly customized IT-solutions, we also help our clients meet the ever more complex compliance and risk management challenges both on a national and an international level.

Main Contact
Giovanni Rolle
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Global enterprises require global supply chains. From a customs point of view, managing these supply chains is a tremendous task as customs laws and trade regulations on a national level are not internationally harmonized.

At WTS Global, our international team of customs experts can help you find tailor-made solutions for structuring your supply chain and business strategy in a tax-efficient and sustainable manner.

Our smart approach towards customs and trade regulations can help you save costs, minimize import and export duties and avoid expensive delays and regulatory disputes. Together with our IT experts, we are able to offer process automation services on a global scale. This can significantly improve data integrity and reliability at your company.

We have customs experts from more than 100 countries in our team. Our professionals include lawyers, economists, former government officials, auditors, and specialists from a wide range of industries for a multilingual and multidisciplinary service offering with your best interests at heart.

Our service in Customs include:

  • Legal Consulting
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Audit Consulting
  • Export Control
  • IT-based Process Automation

Our customs team combines expertise in all fields of commercial law, tax law, supply-chain management and administrative practices. We always work closely with our customers to come up with the best solutions for sourcing, development, production and sales and – most importantly – the bottom line.

Main Contact
Kay Masorsky
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AI & Customs - on the way to the digital tax function
AI & Customs
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Global Expatriate Services

In times of globalization, the importance of international employee deployment is growing. Companies are faced with the ever increasing complexity of managing expatriates’ cross-border taxation, social security, legal and immigration-related matters.

The legal regulations in these fields are not only subject to constant change but they are also becoming more complex to manage when applied in different jurisdictions at the same time. Incorrect decisions can be both difficult and costly to rectify.

Our services encompass the planning, structuring and implementation of every international cross-border employment. We help our clients identify assignment-related risks at an early stage and to optimize tax and social security payments while keeping the administrative cost at a minimum.

We offer comprehensive support (both to the company and to the employee and individuals working abroad) including:

  • Consulting Services for companies / employers including International Payroll
  • Tax Services for employees (e.g. Expatriates)
  • Social Security Services
  • Labor Law Services
  • Immigration Services

Altogether WTS Global Expatriate Services (GES) provides a fully fledged tax and legal service portfolio from a single source.

Our tax professionals have many years of experience at international consulting and/or law firms and are very used to the project management of expatriate accounts, irrespective of whether it is one or a thousand. With a representation in over 130 countries, our team offers local expertise on a global scale.

View our WTS Global Mobility Newsletter edition #1/2019

Main Contact
Frank Dissen
Global Head of Expatriate Services
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Assignments to Europe
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Indirect Tax

Challenges never cease – managing indirect taxes in a continuously changing environment requires new thinking and innovative approaches.

Where financial demands continuously drive the need to increase public revenues, in particular, via Value Added Taxes (VAT) and Goods and Service Taxes (GST), businesses are required to meet compliance obligations, drive indirect performance, realize opportunities and manage the challenges resulting from more globalized business models and fast moving legislation around the globe.

As we see it, the best possible advice on Value Added Tax has been given if the resulting structure fits smoothly into the overall setting of a company - both nationally and internationally. Consulting services in the field of Value Added Tax have to add value and assurance to the business and along the supply chain. This is our objective and our strategy.

Our services in Indirect Tax include:

  • Ongoing Operations
  • Tax Compliance and Performance
  • Transactions and Restructuring
  • Business Partnering

The WTS Indirect Tax Service Line includes experienced tax advisors, professionals with long-lasting in-house experience and former tax authority professionals. Our service offering comprises the whole range of indirect tax services, from the design of tax efficient supply chain structures via the preparation of tax declarations, the assistance in field audits to the representation in administrative appeals and before tax courts. At all stages, WTS Global does not only provide excellent know-how but also applies a business-oriented approach to develop innovative and pragmatic indirect tax solutions for clients across a range of industries.



Main Contact
Jürgen Scholz
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WTS Global VAT Newsletter Q3/2019
Recent or expected changes in VAT and GST regulations and compliance duties in various EU and third countries
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International Tax &
Permanent Establishments (ITP)
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
Private Clients & Family Office Services
Real Estate Services
International Tax & Permanent Establishments (ITP)

Our Global Service Line provides consulting services on international project activities to business customers from all sectors which range from plant construction & engineering companies to mere service companies with activities abroad.

The different tax and legal framework in each country together with the increasingly complex international surroundings, make it particularly difficult to determine and to monitor the ever evolving tax rules that apply during all phases of a cross-border project or activity.

Tax regulations as well as administrative obligations and cost that may be relevant for a project, whether short-term or long term, need to be taken into account and examined in the offer phase for such project due to the impact they could have on the structure and execution of the project.

At WTS Global, we assist with the determination of the tax consequences and other impacts for cross-border projects in the offer phase. We further help our clients structure their activities in the most efficient way to minimize tax expenses and risk exposure. An advantage being that they, will have the capability to identify cost-relevant factors beforehand and include them into their project calculations.

Subsequently, further support may be required during the project execution phase, where support in contract negotiations or contract reviews pertaining to tax clauses and other tax relevant aspects of contracts may be given.

In the event a permanent establishment abroad is actively established or assumed to exist, we assist, not only with the registration at the competent authorities abroad but also with the administration of such permanent establishment through its entire life cycle up to its dissolution. This includes assistance with local tax reporting obligations, bookkeeping requirements and other obligations (PE Tax Compliance).

In conclusion, advice on Human Resources and Social Security relevant aspects of cross-border projects and activities abroad complete our service offering.

The WTS Global Service Line includes tax professionals from more than 100 countries with expert knowledge of handling cross-border projects. Our consultants have in-depth experience with clients from all industries. Additionally, due to our numerous business-partnering with multinational companies, we have extensive know-how in this specific area.

Main Contact
Sonja Wiesner
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Get to know our International Tax & Permanent Establishments team
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Newsletter ITP #1/2019
Changes in international tax law and country-specific developments with respect to the taxation of permanent establishments in 10 selected countries
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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers, acquisitions, initial public offerings and other capital measures are complex processes with many potential tax pitfalls that can turn success into failure.

Our M&A specialists have extensive experience in assisting companies with all types of transactions and M&A tax. Our global M&A team from more than 100 countries disposes of sufficient ‘critical mass’, which allows us to have a specialist with extensive expertise in any domain that is crucial for success in M&A.

Our range of services start with optimizing the structure of a transaction, but also includes settling all matters with financial authorities and tax, legal, and financial advice for the time after closing.

At WTS Global, we are aware that M&A and similar measures require high quality work under major time pressure. Our professionals have gained experience in international consulting firms and large corporations and are ready to join your transaction team at short notice – for timely, accurate and reliable results.

As WTS Global member firms exclusively provide tax consulting services, regulatory conflicts with auditors can be ruled out from the start.

We advise in public and private M&A and our services include but are not limited to:

  • Buy and Sell Side Due Diligence
  • IPO structuring and Due Diligence
  • Tax Structuring and Cash Flow Optimization
  • Tax Modelling and Fund Flow Papers
  • Management Participation Programs
  • SPA Advice and review from a tax perspective
  • Acquisition Financing and Refinancing
  • Post-Deal Integration and Carve-Out
  • Tax Compliance Requirements


One of our strengths is our multidisciplinary approach. As a result, we can involve tax experts in real estate and real estate funds, stock option plans, financing, financial advisory etc. We can also support transactions involving family businesses with our specific expertise in estate planning, and we can apply our international expertise in advising on cross-border transactions and reorganizations.

During the whole process of a transaction, you will have a senior partner who acts as a single point of contact for you. Many of our member firms are highly ranked in M&A tax.

Our most recent "M&A Tax Training" took place in March 2019 at the campus of CEDEP in Fontainebleau, France.

Click here to view the video

Main Contact
Stefan Hölzemann
Director of the Board of WTS Global, Partner at WTS, Germany
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Get to know our Mergers & Acquisitions team
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Private Clients & Family Office Services

Private clients generally have very specific, individual demands when it comes to tax planning and consulting.

HNWI (High Net-worth Individuals) and family businesses need highly skilled multidisciplinary advisors who, not only give practical national legal and fiscal guidance in estate planning, but also legal and fiscal guidance in cross-border residential and investment matters. These advisors also need to understand and respect the individual and long-term vision of the family, and of the family business itself.

At WTS, we established a particular service line for those family needs. Our private client experts support HNWI, their family businesses, family offices and non-profit organizations in dealing with all specialist questions. These include succession issues, complex civil law issues, the implementation of voluntary disclosures, asset controlling (WTS-QPLIX), tax compliance matters; tax optimization and/or mitigation of domestic and foreign investments as well as planning emigration and immigration are also of high relevance.

Even though we do not provide investment advice or portfolio management, our tax experts also function as sparring partner with regard to setting up investment processes etc.

Asides estate planning, which affects the family members themselves, our experts cover legal and tax aspects of intergenerational control structures, thereby combining family ownership with external management. Indeed, family held businesses, large and small, are confronted with generational transfers on average every 25 to 30 years`. These generational transfers can give rise to a variety of legal issues, conflicts, and adverse tax ramifications, which may be mitigated and/or prevented with proper planning.

Our services for HNWI and Family Offices include advice and guidance in relation to:

  • Structural issues such as the use of trusts, foundations, testamentary solutions, holdings and family charters to carry out succession goals
  • Tax issues and the available exemptions upon transfer of the family held businesses to the next generation during life or at death
  • Maintenance of active and/or passive control over the family business within the multi-generational turmoil
  • Tax planning of investments into and disposals of any assets domestic or international, be it corporate, real estate or liquid investments
  • Preparation of tax returns at holding level, investments schemes, income arrangements;
  • international tax law and the various forms of ‘look through’ taxation which may affect family members;
  • Assistance with charitable activities
  • WTS - QPLIX asset controlling tool

WTS - QPLIX multi asset controlling provides comprehensive data and information to the family members, family offices, asset managers and risk managers for controlling and implementing an investment strategy for risk management and for the overall monitoring of assets. This solution delivers real time and daily available information on all liquid and illiquid asset classes, sophisticated performance and risk measurement, integrated tax or IFRS data. Consolidation capabilities across different or all family members and legal entities and an integrated document management system turn the system into a comprehensive middle and back office for large estates and their family offices.

Our Private Clients and Family Office team which comprises tax experts, civil law professionals and other highly qualified personnel, has partner firms in more than 100 countries. Our international and interdisciplinary approach distinguishes us from our competitors and allows us to work out a tailor-made solution for our clients.

Main Contact
Gerd D. Goyvaerts
Tax Partner
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Real Estate Services

Real Estate is an integral part of every well-structured asset portfolio.

Besides others one factor is decisive for the success of such investments:

The investment has to be tax-efficient at the acquisition, during the holding period and - of course - at the exit.

In this context a number of questions will arise:

  • Share deal or asset deal, open-end or closed-end real property funds - which type of investment is the best in current position of the investor?
  • Who is to become the legal or beneficial owner of the property? Is a corporation or a partnership the most suitable form of business?
  • Where should the company be based taking into consideration double taxation conventions and the applicable national tax legislation?
  • Can Real Estate transfer tax or trade tax be minimized or avoided?
  • How can the ongoing taxation can be optimized ? Are there Real estate tax provisions in place ?
  • Is the deduction of interest expense ensured in spite of interest barrier regulations?
  • Are there any withholding taxes? Are they creditable?

In the past years we considered an increase in the complexity of the appropriate tax and regulatory framework. Therefore an high-end tax advice is essential for any successful real estate investment.

In detail we are offering the following high-end services

  • Analysis of existing Real Estate portfolios
  • Development of long-term, tax-optimized strategies for the acquisition & exit,
  • Restructuring and sale of Real Estate investments
  • Tax optimization in conjunction with Real Estate transfer tax or other stamp duties
  • Cross-border Real Estate transactions
  • Development of open and closed-end Real Estate funds including product design, product structure and prospectus design
  • Acquisition & exit of large-scale projects such as hotels, holiday parks, shopping centers, commercial Real Estate or large residential portfolios

In addition we are able to manage the day-to-day tax compliance

  • Post-Closing Management
  • Handling of the current financial accounting
  • Preparation of single-entity financial statements and tax balance sheets
  • Tax returns for all types of taxes relating to Real Estate (Corporate Taxes, VAT, RETT, land tax)
  • Support of tax audits
  • Filing of objections with the authorities and filing of lawsuits before fiscal courts

Real Estate is our passion! Please feel free to contact us!

Main Contact
Dr. Christian Behlert
Lawyer, Certified Tax Consultant
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Get to know our Real Estate team
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Tax Controversy
Tax Technology
Transfer Pricing &
Valuation Services
Tax Controversy

Legal disputes between taxpayers and tax authorities are on the rise. This trend concerns practically every tax jurisdiction. Furthermore, growing cooperation between tax authorities from different countries increases the risk of legal proceedings as a result of cross-border audits.

Tax controversy is an integral part of our comprehensive service offering. The team assists taxpayers during tax audits and represents them in negotiations with the tax authorities, whenever possible, and before the various national and international tax tribunals and courts, including hearings with judges and oral submission of the defence before administrative and judicial courts. Given our expertise in all aspects of material tax law, the tax controversy team can offer a unique combination of in-depth knowledge of both material and formal tax law. The firm handles all tax related disputes (personal income tax, corporate tax, international tax, VAT, Customs and Excise duty, inheritance tax, stamp duty, etc.).

Our integrated approach starts long before actual legal proceedings take place with pre-audit consulting to help identify risks and devise defence strategies. This is because the least costly dispute is usually the one you can avoid altogether.

Our services in Tax Controversy include:

  • Pre-audit Consulting
  • Audit Management Consulting
  • Dispute Resolution Consulting

WTS Global’s Tax Controversy Service Line comprises tax and legal experts from more than 100 countries. Our professionals have extensive experience in handling audits and tax-related litigation. Many of our experts have also worked for the tax authorities in their jurisdictions and have in-depth knowledge of the workings of these institutions which can translate into better results for your case.

Main Contact
Júlio M. de Oliveira
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Get to know our Tax Controversy team
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Tax Technology

Tax functions are required to further optimize their tax processes in terms of efficiency and costs.

Additionally, the increased complex tax regulations at the national and international level as well as the rise in reporting obligations pose great challenges to tax directors. IT solutions for tax management are therefore gaining great importance.

With our tax tools, we are able to automate processes and help companies to minimize their liability and compliance risks. Our IT solutions also enable us to quickly and easily retrieve information on the tax burden of a company. In turn, our Tax Technology team use this data for the most diverse analysis options to optimize the tax rates of companies.

Our Tax Technology team is composed of IT specialists and tax advisors, who have accumulated many years of professional experience in corporate tax departments. As a result, we have the special know-how on tax processes of multinational companies and therefore, are able to map these in IT systems.

Our services at a glance:

  • Impact analysis
  • Development and implementation of tax tools
  • Introduction of validation and reporting tools
  • Project management and mediator role
  • In-house training


WTS Tax Tools offered by WTS ITAX GmbH


Main Contact
Karl Bevan
Chief Technology Officer
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Transfer Pricing & Valuation Services

In today’s rapidly changing transfer pricing landscape, having an effective approach to managing transfer pricing opportunities, compliance and risk has never been more important.

ongoing public discussion about the tax practices of multinationals and the initiative of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”) on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) have disrupted long-established international transfer pricing norms.

It is no longer sufficient to respond to transfer pricing planning, compliance, and risk mitigation issues on a fragmented or as-needed basis.

The potential cost of not implementing and documenting “arm’s length” (i.e., appropriate) transfer pricing policies may include adjustments to taxable income, penalties, and interest.Moreover, the administrative proceedings necessary to avoid the resulting double taxation can be lengthy and expensive in terms of both human and financial resources.

The changing regulatory environment precipitated by the BEPS initiative creates both opportunities and risks. With an extensive global network of leading transfer pricing practitioners, WTS is uniquely positioned to advise multinationals on how to build, optimise, monitor, and defend their transfer pricing policies in a “post-BEPS” world.

Our services address the entire transfer pricing (TP) life cycle, including the following:

  • Business Restructuring
  • Planning & Optimisation
  • Intangible Property Valuation
  • Advance Pricing Agreements
  • BEPS Masterfile and Local File Documentation
  • Country-by-Country (“CbC”) Reporting
  • Transfer Pricing Audit Defence
  • Competent Authority Assistance
  • Litigation Support
Main Contact
Jared Walls
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WTS Global Country TP Guide
View TP Guide
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